1. Start
  2. Introduction
  3. Installation
    1. 1. Upload Selling Theme files into your web host server 
    2. 2. Install Selling options panel module
    3. 4. Install Selling Template in Admin panel of your website 
    4. 5. Perform Template Customization
  4. Theme Features
  5. Modified Files
    1. Core files safely modified
  6. Resources
  7. Changelog
  8. Finality

Selling - Responsive Multi-Purpose OpenCart Theme

Premium Multipurpose OpenCart Theme

Selling is an OpenCart theme that can be used on any eCommerce websites and online stores.


Demo: http://www.sokothemes.com/themes/opencart/selling/layout1


Support: Submit a ticket on our Support Desk: http://www.sokothemes.com/support


There is a difference between theme support and theme customization. Please note that we cannot assist with general OpenCart support (such as teaching you how to use OpenCart CMS) or help with theme modifications and customizations in any capacity within our entire theme support. We recommend that you hire an OpenCart developer on FreelanceSwitch.com or Odesk.com 

Please read all instructions carefully. We shall refer you back to this documentation should you ask a questions related to what has been covered on this documentation. 

Go through each step at a time and do not jump any step. It will save you and me a lot of time. 



1. Upload Selling Theme files into your web host server 


You will get the following folder from the Selling Theme download: 

You will find a folder called "FILES_TO_UPLOAD". It contains data and installation files for the OpenCart version indicated on the folder's name. Ensure that you upload all the files that belong to your current version of OpenCart.

Upload the Selling theme files using a FTP client. Download FileZilla FTP client here or you can use any other FTP client at your disposal. Open FileZilla, login to your server and do as shown in the image illustration below.

Every time you perform an upgrade to your OpenCart, you are supposed to upgrade Selling theme as well.

Always update OpenCart first and then the theme should be updated second. 

Never update OpenCart before the theme has been updated. You will get a lot of errors which may ruin your store. To be on the safe side always wait for us to update the theme first so that you can update OpenCart.

2. Install Selling options panel module

Log in to the admin panel of your website and navigate to: 

Extensions >> Modules >> Selling Options Panel >> Install

Extensions >> Modules >> Slideshow >> Uninstall

             Extensions >> Modules >> ST Banner >> Install

Extensions >> Modules >> ST Slideshow 1 (Camera Slider) >> Install

Extensions >> Modules >> ST Slideshow 2 (Flex Slider) >> Install

4. Install Selling Template in Admin panel of your website 

Log in to the admin panel of your website and navigate to: 

System >> Settings >> Default Store >> Edit >> Store >> Template >> select Selling

5. Perform Template Customization

(i) Image Settings

Go to: System >> Settings >> Default Store >> Edit >> Image and then enter the image dimensions shown in the image below and click "save" button:

(ii) Install Banners

Go to: System >> Design >> Banners and enter the settings as shown in the images below.

Navigate as shown in that image above 

Enter the banner names as shown in the image above 

Insert each banner accordingly as shown in the image above

(iii) Module Settings

Go to: Extensions >> Modules and enter the settings as shown in the images below. Please note that this theme has 2 responsive slideshows. You can only use one slideshow per page to avoid JavaScript conflicts.


Slideshow dimension need to beset exactly as shown in the images above. Otherwise the theme will lack consistency. Also all the images that will be uploaded need to have the same dimemsions. 

Images that are smaller than the dimensions of the slideshow usually become blurred.

Do NOT use the 2 slideshows on the same page. Use one slideshow per page.


Set "Featured" module as shown in the image illustration above. Add a limit of at least 4 products.



Set "Latest" module as shown in the image illustration above. Add a limit of at least 4 products.



Set "Carousel" module as shown in the image illustration above. Can be set to any Limit or Scroll. 


Set "Specials" module as shown in the image illustration above.



Set "Bestsellers" module as shown in the image illustration above. 


Theme Features

1. Responsive Design

This setting allows you to enable or disable the Responsive layout. 

2. Customer Contacts 

These are the most important elements of an eCommerce store. Selling theme allows you to set your customer support phone number and email. 

3. Theme Design 

Click on Theme Colors within the Selling options panel and a list of cutomization options will be displayed. here, you can select the background pattern, or even upload your own. Moreover, you can also cutomize the colors of your theme. 

4. Cutom Fonts 

More than 200 Google custom fonts to choose from to be displayed in menus and headers. 

5. Social Media 

Selling allows you to set an access to your social profiles with ease. Just select the preferred settings and paste in the URL to your social profile. Currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Google plus networks. 

6. Cloud Zoom

Cloud Zoom is great zooming plugin for your online store images. It is light and cross-browser compatible. 

6. Ribbons

Ribbons are used to help customers identify a product easily. Ribbons are only supported for NEW products and products that are on SALE.

6. Social Block

The Social Block displays 10 latest Twitter feeds and Facebook Like Box (custom). Both are adaptable to the responsive layout. 

Modified Files

I have tried to compile the files that I edited while developing this theme. This might of great help to you or your developer if you need to clarify something or make some custom modifications to the code.

Core files safely modified


1. JavaScripts

The following javascript file are included in this theme. 

2. Credits

The following sites have been helpful



===> v1.20 - 01/02/2012
* Added compatibility to OpenCart Version 1.5.5x
++++ Modified files from v1.10 ++++
+All files were modified

===> v1.10 - 01/31/2012
* Fixed Facebook Like Box errors
* Fixed mobile category view layout issue 
* Removed VQMOD plugin hence fixing undefined errors * Removed multiple confusing demo layouts
++++ Modified files from v1.0 ++++
+ All theme files were modified 

===> v1.0 - 12/25/2012 * Initial release



Thank you for purchasing Selling OpenCart Theme and if you haven't purchased this theme, please buy it on Themeforest.